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Aaron, Rachel – The Spirit Thief
Aaronovitch, Ben – Rivers of London
Abbott, Megan – Dare Me
Abercrombie, Joe – The Blade Itself (Review by Teresa Frohock)
Abercrombie, Joe – The Blade Itself
Abercrombie, Joe – Before They Are Hanged
Abercrombie, Joe – Last Argument of Kings
Abercrombie, Joe – Best Served Cold
Abercrombie, Joe – Half a King
Abnett, Dan – Horus Rising
Annett, Dan – Horus Rising (Turn Back 10)
Abnett, Dan – Prospero Burns
Abnett, Dan – Know No Fear
Abnett, Dan – The Unremembered Empire
Abnett, Dan – Saturnine
Abnett, Dan – Armour of Contempt
Abnett, Dan – Only In Death
Abnett, Dan – Blood Pact
Abnett, Dan (ed.) – Sabbat Worlds Anthology
Abnett, Dan – Salvation’s Reach
Abnett, Dan – The Warmaster
Abnett, Dan – Anarch
Abnett, Dan & Others – Thunder & Steel
Abnett, Dan – Triumff
Abnett, Dan – Embedded
Abraham, Daniel – Shadow & Betrayal
Abraham, Daniel – Seasons of War
Abraham, Daniel – The Dragon’s Path
Abraham, Daniel – The Dragon’s Path (Review by Ryan Frye)
Abraham, Daniel – The King’s Blood (Review by Ryan Frye)
Abraham, Daniel – The Tyrant’s Law (Review by Ryan Frye)
Acampora, Lauren – The Paper Wasp
Ahmed, Saladin – Throne of the Crescent Moon
Alexis, André – Fifteen Dogs
Alger, Cristina – The Darlings
All-Star SupermanPart 1
Allston, Aaron – Betrayal
Allston, Aaron – Betrayal (Turn Back 10)
Allston, Aaron – Outcast
Allston, Aaron – Backlash
Allston, Aaron – Conviction
Amazing Spider-Man – Died in Your Arms Tonight; Red-Headed Stranger; Return of the Black Cat; The Gauntlet Vol.01
American Vampire, Vol. 01
Anders, Charlie Jane – All the Birds in the Sky
Andersen, Sarah – Fangs
Anderson, Kevin J. – The Edge of the World
Anderson, Kevin J. – The Map of All Things
Anderson, Kevin J. – The Key to Creation
Anderson, Kevin J. & Brian Herbert – Hellhole
Animal Man (New 52) – The Hunt (Vol.1)
Annandale, David – The Carrion Anthem
Annandale, David – Eclipse of Hope
Annandale, David – Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha
Annandale, David – Yarrick: The Gallows Saint
Annandale, David – Yarrick: Sarcophagus
Annandale, David – Yarrick: Concordat
Annandale, David – The Dark Hollows of Memory
Annandale, David – Stormseer
Annandale, David – The Damnation of Pythos
Annandale, David – Honour and Wrath
Annandale, David – The Binary Succession (audio)
Annandale, David – Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar
Annandale, David – Ruinstorm
Annandale, David – Spear of Ultramar
Annandale, David – Neferata: Mortarch of Blood
Anonymous – O: A Presidential Novel
Arkham Manor
Arlidge, M.J. – Six Degrees of Assassination (audio)
Arnopp, Jason – The Last Days of Jack Sparks
Armstrong, Kelley – Frostbitten
Aryan, Stephen – Of Gods and Men
Astro City – Life in the Big City (Vol.1)
Auel, Jean M. – The Land of Painted Caves


Bach, Racel – Fortune’s Pawn
Baker, Adam – Terminus
Baker, Adam – Impact
Baker, Adam – Killchain
Baldacci, David – Stone Cold
Baldacci, David – The Whole Truth
Baldacci, David – Divine Justice
Baldacci, David – First Family
Baldacci, David – True Blue
Baldacci, David – Deliver Us From Evil
Baldacci, David – Hell’s Corner
Baldacci, David – Absolute Power (Film)
Baldacci, David – The Innocent
Baldacci, David – The Hit
Baldacci, David – Bullseye
Baldacci, David – The Target
Baldacci, David – The Guilty
Baldacci, David – End Game
Baldacci, David – Memory Man
Barclay, James – Dawnthief
Bardugo, Leigh – Ninth House
Barker, RJ – Age of Assassins
Barker, RJ – Blood of Assassins
Barker, RJ – King of Assassins
Barry, Max – Lexicon
Barry, Max – Providence
Batgirl (New 52) – Wanted (Vol.4), Batgirl of Burnside (Vol.6)
Batman – Death By Design; Gates of Gotham; The Killing Joke; Man Who Laughs; Noel; Prey; War Drums; Batman Incorporated; Earth One, Vol.01
Batman (New 52) – Secret City (Vol.4), Dark City (Vol.5), (Graveyard Shift (Vol.6)
Batman & Robin – Batman Reborn (Vol.1), Batman vs. Robin (Vol.2), Batman and Robin Must Die! (Vol.3)
Batman & Robin (New 52) – Hunt for Robin (Vol.6)
Batman: Detective Comics (New 52) – Icarus (Vol.6)
Batwoman: Elegy
Battles, Brett – The Deceived
Beagle, Peter S. (ed.) – The Secret History of Fantasy
Bear, Elizabeth – Karen Memory
Beaulieu, Bradley P. – The Winds of Khalakovo
Beaulieu, Bradley P. – Twelve Kings
Beaulieu, Bradley P. & Stephen Gaskell – Strata
Beaulieu, Bradley P. & Rob Ziegler – The Burning Light
Bell, Alden – The Reapers Are The Angels Another Look
Bennett, Robert Jackson – The Company Man
Bennett, Robert Jackson – City of Stairs
Bennett, Robert Jackson – Vigilance
Berenson, Alex – The Ghost Agent
Berenson, Alex – The Silent Man
Beukes, Lauren – The Shining Girls
Beukes, Lauren – Broken Monsters
Beukes, Lauren – Afterland
Bevacqua, Dan – Molly Bit
Black, Holly – The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Black, Sean – Lockdown
Black, Sean – Deadlock
Black, Sean – Gridlock
Blackest Night (DC Comics)
Blythe, D. Randall – Dark Days
Boffard, Rob – Tracer
Bond, Gwenda – Blackwood
Boone, Ezekiel – The Hatching
Boot, Max – The Corrosion of Conservatism
Bourne, Sam – The Final Reckoning
Bourne, Sam – The Chosen One
Boyd, Noah – Bricklayer
Brabazon, James – The Break Line
Bradbury, Ray – Zen in the Art of Writing
Brennan, Marie – In Ashes Lie
Brennan, Marie – A Natural History of Dragons (Reviewed by Ryan Frye)
Brennan, Marie – Cold-Forged Flame
Brennan, ML – Generation V
Brennan, ML – Iron Night
Brett, Peter V. – Red Sonja Blue
Brett, Peter V. – The Painted/Warded Man
Brett, Peter V. – The Great Bazaar & Brayan’s Gold
Brett, Peter V. – The Great Bazaar & Brayan’s Gold (second look)
Brett, Peter V. – The Desert Spear
Brett, Peter V. – The Daylight War
Brett, Peter V. – Messenger’s Legacy
Broaddus, Maurice – King Maker
Brodsky, Jordanna Max – The Immortals
Brodsky, Jordanna Max – Winter of the Gods
Brooks, Terry – Princess of Landover
Brooks, Terry – Bearers of the Black Staff
Brooks-Dalton, Lily – Good Morning, Midnight
Brown, Christopher – Tropic of Kansas
Brown, Dan – The Lost Symbol
Brown, Eric – Guardians of the Phoenix
Browne, S.G. – Fated
Brust, Steven – Jhereg
Brydon, Rob – Small Man In A Book (audio)
Buchanan, Col – Farlander
Buchanan, Col – Stands A Shadow
Buckell, Tobias S. – The Executioness (Reviewed on Speculative Scotsman)
Buehlman, Christopher – The Lesser Dead
Burke, Alafair – Dead Connection
Burke, Alafair – The Ex
Butcher, Jim – Small Favour
Butcher, Jim – Turn Coat
Butcher, Jim – Changes
Butcher, Jim – Ghost Story
Butcher, Jim – Furies of Calderon Academ’s Fury
Butcher, Jim – Cursor’s Fury & Captain’s Fury
Butcher, Jim – Princep’s Fury & First Lord’s Fury


Caltabiano, Anna – The Seventh Miss Hatfield
Campbell, Alan – Lye Street
Campbell, Alan – Iron Angel
Campbell, Alan – God of Clocks
Campbell, Alan – Sea of Ghosts
Canavan, Trudi – The Magician’s Apprentice
Canavan, Trudi – Ambassador’s Mission
Canin, Ethan – America, America
Captain America: Man Out of Time
Captain America (Brubaker) – Winter Soldier (Vol.1), Red Menace (Vol.2), Civil War (Vol.3), Death of Captain America (Vols.1-3), Man With No Face, Road to Reborn, Reborn
Captain Marvel – In Pursuit of Flight (Vol.1)
Carey, M.R. – The Girl With All the Gifts
Carey, Mike – The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity (Vol.1), Inside Man (Vol.2), Unwritten Fables (Vol.9), War Stories (Vol.10)
Carlin, Peter Ames – Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon
Carmon, Irin & Shana Knizhnik – Notorious RBG (audio)
Carrey, Jim & Dana Vachon – Memoirs and Misinformations
Carriger, Gail – Soulless
Carriger, Gail – Changeless & Blameless
Carriger, Gail – Heartless
Carriger, Gail – Timeless
Carter, Stephen L. – The Palace Council
Cavallo, Frank – Into the Valley of Death
Cawkwell, Sarah – Blood Blessing
Cawkwell, Sarah – Reaper
Cha, Steph – Your House Will Pay
Chambers, Becky – To Be Taught, If Fortunate
Charlton, Blake – Spellwright
Charlton, Blake – Spellbound
Chew – Taster’s Choice (Vol.1), International Flavor (Vol.2)
Chiarella, Jessica – And Again
Child, Lee (ed.) – Killer Year
Chirovici, E.O. – The Book of Mirrors
Civil War (Marvel)
Clark, Martin – The Substitution Order
Clark, P. Djèlí – The Haunting of Tram Car 015
Clark, P. Djèlí – Ring Shout
Clavell, James – Tai-Pan
Cleese, John – So, Anyway…
Cleveland, Karen – Need to Know
Cline, Ernest – Ready Player One
Cline, Ernest – Armada
Clines, Peter – Ex-Heroes
Clinton, Bill – The President is Missing (w. James Patterson)
Close, Jennifer – The Hopefuls
Cole, Myke – Control Point
Cole, Myke – Fortress Frontier
Cole, Myke – Breach Zone
Cole, Myke – The Armored Saint
Cole, Nick – The End of the World As We Knew It
Colfer, Eoin – And Another Thing…
Connelly, Michael – The Black Echo, The Black Ice, The Concrete Blonde The Last Coyote
Connelly, Michael – Blood WorkA Darkness More Than NightThe Narrows
Connelly, Michael – The Overlook
Connelly, Michael – The Late Show
Connelly, Michael – The Wrong Side of Goodbye
Connelly, Michael – Two Kinds of Truth
Connelly, Michael – Dark Sacred Night
Connelly, Michael – Fair Warning
Cooper, Elspeth – Songs of the Earth
Cooper, Glenn – The Library of the Dead
Corey, James S.A. – Leviathan Wakes
Corey-Daniels, Rowena – The Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin
Cornwell, Bernard – The Fort
Cosby, S.A. – Blacktop Wasteland
Counter, Ben – Cassius
Courtenay-Grimwood, Jon – The Fallen Blade
Cox, Edward – The Relic Guild
Cranston, Bryan – A Life in Parts (audio)
Cross, Mason – The Killing Season
Cross, Mason – The Samaritan
Cross, Mason – The Time to Kill/Winterlong
Cross, Mason – Don’t Look For Me
Crouch, Blake – Dark Matter
Cryer, Jon – So That Happened (audio)
Crystal, Billy – Still Foolin’ ‘Em (audio)
Cumming, Charles – Typhoon
Cumming, Charles – The Trinity Six
Cumming, Charles – A Foreign Country
Cumming, Charles – A Colder War
Cumming, Charles – The Man Between
Cumming, Charles – Box 88
Curran, Kim – Shift


Day, Felicia – You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) (audio)
DC Universe Presents (New 52)  Deadman & Challengers (Vol.1)
de Bodard, Aliette – House of Shattered Wings
de Castell, Sebastien – Traitor’s Blade
de Castell, Sebastien – Traitor’s Blade (Reviewed by Ryan Frye)
de Castell, Sebastien – Knight’s Shadow
de Shalit, Jonathan – The Traitor
de Sola, David – Alice in Chains
Deas, Stephen – The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice
Deathstroke (New 52) – Gods of War (Vol.1)Legacy
Dee, Jonathan – A Thousand Pardons
DeHart, Terry – The Unit
del Toro, Guillermo & Chuck Hogan – The Strain
DeLillo, Don – The Silence
Delves-Broughton, Philip – Ahead of the Curve (audio)
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Cadian Blood
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Soul Hunter
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Blood Reaver
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Void Stalker
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – The First Heretic
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Betrayer
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – The Master of Mankind
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – The Emperor’s Gift
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Armageddon (Helsreach & Blood and Fire)
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – The Talon of Horus
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Black Legion
DeMille, Nelson – The Lion
Dench, Judi – And Furthermore (audio)
Dennard, Susan – Truthwitch
Denning, Troy – Invincible
Denning, Troy – Abyss
Denning, Troy – Vortex
Dicker, Jöel – The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
Divry, Sophie & Siân Reynolds (trans.) – The Library of Unrequited Love
Dobyns, Jay & Nils Johnson-Shelton – No Angel
Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child – Requiem (Vol.1)
Downum, Amanda – The Drowning City
Downum, Amanda – The Bone Palace
Downum, Amanda – The Kingdoms of Dust
Dows, Chris – Scions of Elysia
DMZ – On the Ground (Vol.1), Body of a Journalist (Vol.2), Public Works (Vol.3), Friendly Fire (Vol.4), The Hidden War (Vol.5), Blood in the Game (Vol.6), War Powers (Vol.7), Hearts and Minds (Vol.8), M.I.A. (Vol.9), Collective Punishment (Vol.10), Free States Rising (Vol.11), The Five Nations of New York (Vol.12)
Draper, Robert – To Start a War
Drezner, Dan – Theories of International Politics & Zombies
Dunn, Christian (ed.) – Tales of Heresy
Dunn, Christian (ed.) – Age of Darkness
Dunn, Christian (ed.) – The Primarchs
Dunn, Christian & Nick Kyme (eds.) – Shadows of Treachery
Dunn, Christian (ed.) – Fear the Alien
Dunn, Christian (ed.) – Age of Legends
Dunn, Christian (ed.) – Gotrek & Felix Anthology
Dunn, C.Z. – Malediction (audio)
Dunn, C.Z. – Dark Vengeance
Dunn, C.Z. – Crimson Dawn


Earl, Robert – Broken Honour
Earth 2 (New 52) – The Gathering (Vol.1)
Edugyan, Esi – Washington Black
Egan, Greg – Perihelion Summer
Eggers, Dave – The Circle
Ellinger, Jordan – Gotrek & Felix: The Reckoning
Elliott, Kate – Cold Magic
Ellis, Karen – A Map of the Dark
Ellory, R.J. – The Anniversary Man
Elwes, Cary & Joe Layden – As You Wish (audio)
Enge, James – Travellers’ Rest
Estevez, Emilio & Martin Sheen – Along the Way (audio)


Fables – Deluxe Editions, Vol. 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
Fairest – Wide Awake (Vol.1), Hidden Kingdom (Vol.2), The Return of the Maharaja (Vol.3)
Farnsworth, Christopher – Blood Oath
Farnsworth, Christopher – The President’s Vampire
Farnsworth, Christopher – Killfile
Farnsworth, Christopher – Flashmob/Hunt You Down
Farrer, Matthew – Enforcer
Farrer, Matthew – Vorax (HH)
Faye, Lyndsay – The Gods of Gotham
Ferris, Joshua – The Unnamed
Fey, Tina – Bossypants
Fforde, Jasper – The Eyre Affair
Fforde, Jasper – One of Our Thursdays is Missing
Final Crisis (DC Comics)
Finder, Joseph – The Vanished
Fisher, Carrie – Wishful Drinking (audio)
Fisher, Carrie – The Princess Diarist (audio)
Fisher, Sam – E-Force: State of Emergency
Fitzek, Sebastian – The Child (audio)
Flash (New 52) – Move Forward (Vol.1)
Flashpoint (DC Comics)
Flowers, Denny – Low Lives
Flynn, Katie M. – The Companions
Flynn, Vince – Protect & Defend
Flynn, Vince – Extreme Measures
Flynn, Vince – Pursuit of Honor
Flynn, Vince – American Assassin
Flynn, Vince – Kill Shot
Flynn, Vince – The Last Man
Flynn, Vince – The Survivor
Forbeck, Matt – Vegas Knights
Forbeck, Matt – Goblintown Justice
Forsyth, Frederick – The Outsider (audio)
Foster, Emily – The Drowning Eyes
Fowler, Christopher – The Sand Men
Frank, Thomas – The People, No
Franklin, Dan – Heavy
Freeman, Marc – Modern Family
French, John – Grey Angel
French, John – Praetorian of Dorn
French, John – Tallarn: Executioner and Black Oculus
French, John – Slaves to Darkness
French, John – The Solar War (Siege of Terra)
French, John – Ahriman: Exile
French, John – Ahriman: Exodus
French, John – Ahriman: Sorcerer
French, John – Ahriman: Unchanged
French, Paul – City of Devils
French, Paul – Destination Shanghai
Frohock, Teresa – Miserere
Frohock, Teresa – La Santisima
Frohock, Teresa – The Broken Road
Frost, Nick – Truths, Half Truths, and Little White Lies (audio)
Frost, Toby – Straken: A Hero’s Death
Fry, Stephen – Moab is My Washpot (audio)
Fry, Stephen – The Fry Chronicles (audio)
Fry, Stephen – More Fool Me (audio)


Gailey, Sarah – River of Teeth
Gailey, Sarah – Upright Women Wanted
Gaiman, Neil – Sandman, Preludes & Nocturnes (Vol.1)
Gaiman, Neil – The View From the Cheap Seats
Gaines, Caseen – We Don’t Need Roads
Galbraith, Robert – The Cuckoo’s Calling
Galbraith, Robert – The Silkworm
Galbraith, Robert – Career of Evil
Gee, Emily – The Sentinel Mage
Gibson, Gary – Extinction Game
Gilbert, David – & Sons
Gimenez, Mark – The Common Lawyer
Gimenez, Mark – The Perk
Gimenez, Mark – The Accused
Gimenez, Mark – The Governor’s Wife
Gimenez, Mark – Con Law
Ginder, Grant – This Is How It Starts
Goldberg, Lee – Lost Hills
Golden, Christie – Omen
Golden, Christie – Allies
Golden, Christie – Ascension
Goodwin, Doris Kearns – Leadership: In Turbulent Times
Gotham Academy – Welcome to Gotham Academy (Vol.1)
Goulding, Laurie – The Oberwald Ripper
Goulding, Laurie (ed.) – Mark of Calth
Goulding, Laurie (ed.) – Legacies of Betrayal
Goulding, Laurie (ed.) – Shattered Legions
Goulding, Laurie – Animus Malorum
Goulding, Laurie – Scythes of the Emperor: Daedalus
Grant, Andrew – Even
Grayson – Agents of Spyral (Vol.1)
Green, Sally – Half Bad
Green, Tim – American Outrage
Green Lantern – Rebirth, No Fear (Vol.1), Agent Orange (Vol.8)
Green Lantern (New 52) – Sinestro (Vol.1), Revenge of the Black Hand (Vol.2)
Green Lantern Corp. (New 52) – Fearsome (Vol.1)
Green Lantern: New Guardians (New 52) – The Ring Bearer (Vol.1)
Greene, Andy – The Office
Greene, Thomas Christopher – If I Forget You
Grey, S.L. – Under Ground
Griffin, Kate – The Madness of Angels
Griffin, Kate – The Midnight Mayor
Griffin, Kate – The Neon Court
Griffith, Clay & Susan – Vampire Earth: Greyfriar
Grimwood, Jack – Moskva
Grisham, John – A Time To Kill
Grisham, John – The Brethren
Grisham, John – The Runaway Jury (Movie)
Grisham, John – The Associate
Grisham, John – The Confession
Grisham, John – The Litigators
Grisham, John – The Racketeer
Grisham, John – Gray Mountain
Grisham, John – Rogue Lawyer
Grisham, John – Camino Island
Grisham, John – The Rooster Bar
Gross, Andrew – The Blue Zone
Grossman, Austin – You
Grossman, Austin – Crooked
Grossman, Lev – The Magicians
Grossman, Lev – The Magician King
Grossman, Lev – The Magician’s Land
Guggenheim, Marc – Overwatch
Gustainis, Justin – Sympathy for the Devil
Guymer, David – G&F: Kinslayer
Guymer, David – G&F: Slayer
Guymer, David – Gotrek: One, Untended
Guymer, David – Realmslayer
Guymer, David – Dreadwing


Haig, Matt – The Radleys
Haig, Matt – The Humans
Hale, Ginn – Wicked Gentlemen
Haley, Guy – Only Blood
Haley, Guy – Pharos
Haley, Guy – Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia
Haley, Guy – Wolfsbane
Haley, Guy – Corax: Lord of Shadows
Haley, Guy – Konrad Curze: Night Haunter
Haley, Guy – The Lost and the Damned (Siege of Terra)
Haley, Guy – Dante
Haley, Guy – The Devastation of Baal
Haley, Guy – Dark Imperium (Reviewed by Abhinav)
Haley, Guy – Plague War
Haley, Guy – The Emperor’s Railroad
Hall, Louisa – Speak
Hall, Rachel Howzell – And Now She’s Gone
Handeland, Lori – Risen Moon & Hidden Moon
Hanrahan, Gareth – The Gutter Prayer
Harkness, Deborah – A Discovery of Witches
Harley Quinn – Power Outage (Vol.2)
Harper, Tom – Lost Temple
Harris, Charlaine – Midnight Crossroad
Harris, Charlaine & Christopher Golden – Cemetery Girl, Vol.1: The Pretenders
Harris, Joanne M. – The Gospel of Loki
Harris, Neil Patrick – Neil Patrick Harris: A Choose Your Own Autobiography (audio)
Harrison, A.S.A. – The Silent Wife
Haslett, Adam – Union Atlantic
Hastings, Michael – The Last Magazine
Hawley, Noah – Before the Fall
Hazeley, Jason & Nico Tatarowicz – Instructions for the British People During the Emergency
Hearne, Kevin – Hounded
Hearne, Kevin – Hexed
Heller, Peter – The Dog Stars
Henderson, Jack – 7 Seconds
Henderson, Randy – Finn Fancy Necromancy
Herne, Lily – Deadlands
Herz, Henry L & Sons – Nimpentoad
Higgins, Peter – Wolfhound Century
Hill, Joe – NOS4R2 (NOS4A2 in US)
Hill, Nathan – The Nix
Hines, Jim C. – Libriomancer
Hinks, Darius – Razumov’s Tomb
Hinks, Darius – Sigvald
Hinks, Darius – Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius
Hinks, Darius – Mephiston: Revenant Crusade
Hinks, Darius – Ghoulslayer
Hinterkind – The Waking World (Vol.1)
Hobb, Robin – Assassin’s Apprentice
Hobbs, Roger – Ghostman
Hobbs, Roger – Vanishing Games
Hoffman, Paul – The Left Hand of God
Holm, Chris – The Approach
Holm, Chris – The Killing Kind
Holt, Tom – Blonde Bombshell
Hopkinson, Nalo – Falling In Love With Hominids
Horth, Nick – City of Secrets
Hossain, Saad Z. – The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday
House of M (Marvel)
Howe, Sean – Marvel Comics: The Untold Story (audio)
Huff, Tanya – Valour’s Choice
Huff, Tanya – The Better Part of Valour
Huff, Tanya – The Heart of Valour
Huff, Tanya – Valour’s Trial
Huff, Tanya – The Truth of Valour
Hulick, Douglas – Among Thieves
Human, Charlie – Apocalypse Now Now
Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads
Hurley, Kameron – God’s War
Hutchinson, Dave – Acadie
Hyden, Steven – Twilight of the Gods


Ide, Joe – IQ
Idol, Billy – Dancing With Myself
Iguodala, Andre (w. Carvell Wallace) – The Sixth Man
Iles, Greg – Natchez Burning
Iles, Greg – The Bone Tree
Isaak, David – Shock & Awe
iZombie – Dead to the World (Vol.1)


Jackson, D.B. – The Price of Doing Business
Jackson, D.B. – A Spell of Vengeance
Jackson, Marni – Don’t I Know You?
Jacobs, John Hornor – The Incorruptibles
Jameson, Hanna – The Last
Janigian, Aris – Waiting for Lipchitz at the Chateau Marmont
Jansma, Kristopher – Why We Came To The City
Jemisin, N.K. – The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Jemisin, N.K. – The Broken Kingdoms
Jemisin, N.K. – The Killing Moon
Jenner, Leon – Bricks
Justice League (New 52) – The Villain’s Journey (Vol.2), Injustice League (Vol.6)
Justice League International (New 52) – Signal Masters (Vol.1), Breakdown (Vol.2)


Kadrey, Richard – Sandman Slim
Kadrey, Richard – Kill the Dead
Kadrey, Richard – Aloha From Hell
Kadrey, Richard – Devil in the Dollhouse
Kadrey, Richard – Devil Said Bang
Kadrey, Richard – Kill City Blues
Kaftan, Vylar – Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water
Kane, Stacia – Unholy Ghosts
Kane, Stacia – Unholy Magic
Karpyshyn, Drew – Darth Bane: Rule of Two
Kaufman, Andrew – All My Friends Are Superheroes
Kearney, Paul – Calgar’s Fury (Reviewed by Abhinav)
Kellerman, Jesse – The Brutal Art
Kellerman, Jesse – The Executor
Kelly, Phil – Sigmar’s Blood
Kelly, Phil – Bone Cage
Kemp, Paul S. – Crosscurrent
Kemp, Paul S. – Hammer & the Blade
Kendall, Norell & Ellis – Mythic Creatures
Kendrick, Anna – Scrappy Little Nobody (audio)
Kiedis, Anthony – Scar Tissue (audio)
Kiernan, Celine – The Poison Throne
Kiernan, Celine – The Crowded Shadows
Kiernan, Celine – The Rebel Prince
Killjoy, Margaret – The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion
King, Stephen – The Shining
King, William – Blood of Aenarion
King, William – Sword of Caledor
King, William – Angel of Fire
Kingdom Come (DC Comics)
Kirkman, Robert & Jay Bonansinga – The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
Klein, Jessi – You’ll Grow Out of It (audio)
Klosterman, Chuck – Fargo Rock City
Knight, Francis – Fade to Black
Knight, Francis – Before the Fall
Knoll, Jessica – Luckiest Girl Alive
Kovac, Christina – The Cutaway
Kowal, Mary Robinette – Forest of Memory
Kwapis, Ken – But What I Really Want to Do is Direct
Kyme, Nick – Dwarfs Omnibus
Kyme, Nick – Perfection (audio)
Kyme, Nick – Promethean Sun
Kyme, Nick – Promethean Sun (Reviewed by Abhinav)
Kyme, Nick – Scorched Earth
Kyme, Nick – Vulkan Lives
Kyme, Nick – Deathfire
Kyme, Nick – Auric Gods
Kyme, Nick – Sepulturum


Lachlan, MD – Wolfsangel
Lachlan, MD – Fenrir
Lake, Nick – Blood Ninja
Lanchester, John – Reality, and Other Stories
Langfield, Martin – The Malice Box
Larke, Glenda – The Last Stormlord Stormlord Rising
Larke, Glenda – The Lascar’s Dagger (Reviewed by Ryan)
Larke, Glenda – The Dagger’s Path (Reviewed by Ryan)
Larke, Glenda – The Fall of the Dagger (Reviewed by Ryan)
Laukkanen, Owen – The Professionals
Laukkanen, Owen – Criminal Enterprise
Laukkanen, Owen – The Kill Fee
Laukkanen, Owen – The Stolen Ones
LaValle, Victor – The Ballad of Black Tom
Lawhead, Stephen R. – Hood
Lawrence, Mark – Prince of Thorns
Lawrence, Mark – Prince of Thorns (Reviewed by Abhinav)
Lawrence, Mark – King of Thorns
Lawrence, Mark – Prince of Fools
Lawrence, Mark – One Word Kill
Lawson, Mike – Dead on Arrival
Lawson, Mike – House Secrets
Lawson, Mike – House Justice
Lawson, Mike – House Divided
Lawson, Mike – House Blood
Lawson, Mike – House Reckoning
Lawson, Mike – House Rivals
Lawson, Mike – House Arrest
Lazarus – Family (Vol.1)
Lebbon, Tim – The Heretic Land (Initial Thoughts)
le Carré, John – The Pigeon Tunnel (audio)
Lee, Mike – Nagash Immortal
Lepucki, Edan – California
Lithgow, John – Drama (audio)
Liu, Cixin – The Three-Body Problem (Reviewed by Ryan)
Lloyd, Tom – Moon’s Artifice
Lobo – Target (Vol.1)
Long, Nathan – G&F: Elfslayer
Long, Nathan – G&F: Slayer of the Storm God (audio)
Long, Nathan – G&F: Shamanslayer
Long, Nathan – G&F: Zombieslayer
Long, Nathan – Bloodborn
Long, Nathan – Bloodforged
Long, Nathan – Bloodsworn
Lotz, Sarah – The Three
Lotz Sarah – Day Four
Love, Melissa Scrivner – Lola
Love, Melissa Scrivner – American Heroin
Lovegrove, James – Age of Anansi
Lowe, Helen – The Heir of Night
Liu, Melinda – Hunter’s Kiss Trilogy
Luceno, James – Millennium Falcon
Lyle, Anne – The Alchemist of Souls
Lynch, Jane – Happy Accidents (audio)
Lyons, Graeme – From the Flames
Lyons, Steve – The Madness Within (audio)


MacNiven, Robbie – Gotrek: The Bone Desert
Magary, Drew – The End Specialist / The Postmortal
Mandel, Emily St. John – Last Night in Montreal
Mandel, Emily St. John – Station Eleven
Mandvi, Aasif – No Land’s Man (audio)
Manieri, Evie – Blood’s Pride
Mann, George – Helion Rain (audio)
Manning, Michael K. – The World According to Wolverine
Manning, Michael K. – The World According to The Joker
Maresca, Ryan Marshall – The Thorn of Dentonhill
Margolin, Phillip – Executive Privilege
Margolin, Phillip – Supreme Justice
Marillier, Juliet – Heir To Sevenwaters
Marillier, Juliet – Cybele’s Secret
Marillier, Juliet – Heart’s Blood
Markley, Steven – Ohio
Marmell, Ari – The Conqueror’s Shadow
Marmell, Ari – The Thief’s Covenant
Marmell, Ari – False Covenant
Marr, Andrew – Head of State
Martin, Gail Z. – The Sworn
Martin, George R.R. & Dan Abraham – Game of Thrones #1 & 2 (C/GN)
Martin, Steve – Born Standing Up (audio)
Martin, Steve – Shopgirl
Martinez, Antonio Garcia – Chaos Monkeys (audio)
Martini, Steve – Shadow of Power
Mastai, Elan – All Our Wrong Todays
McCarthy, T.C. – Germline
McCarthy, T.C. – Somewhere It Snows
McClellan, Brian – Promise of Blood
McClellan, Brian – The Girl of Hrusch Avenue
McClellan, Brian – Hope’s End
McClellan, Brian – Forsworn
McClellan, Brian – The Face In the Window
McClellan, Brian – The Crimson Campaign
McClellan, Brian – Murder at the Kinnen Hotel
McClellan, Brian – Return to Honor
McClellan, Brian – The Autumn Republic
McClellan, Brian – War Cry
McCormack, Una – The Undefeated
McCulloch, Amy – The Oathbreaker’s Shadow
McCullough, Kelly – Broken Blade
McDonald, Ed – Blackwing
McDonald, Ian – Planesrunner
McDonald, Ian – Be My Enemy
McDonald, Ian – Empress of the Sun
McIntosh, Will – Burning Midnight
McKagan, Duff – It’s So Easy (and Other Lies)
McKenna, Juliet E. – The Wizard’s Coming
McNeill, Graham – Mechanicum
McNeill, Graham – A Thousand Sons
McNeill, Graham – Defenders of Ulthuan
McNeill, Graham – The Outcast Dead
McNeill, Graham – Eye of Vengeance (audio)
McNeill, Graham – Angel Exterminatus
McNeill, Graham – Vengeful Spirit
McNeill, Graham – Wolf Mother
McNeill, Graham – Wolf Hunt
McNeill, Graham – The Crimson King
McNeill, Graham – Magnus the Red
McNeill, Graham – Sons of the Selenar
Meltzer, Brad – The Book of Fate
Meltzer, Brad – The Book of Lies
Meltzer, Brad – The Inner Circle
Messud, Claire – The Emperor’s Children
Mercurio, Jed – American Adulterer
Mezrich, Ben – The Accidental Billionnaires
Mieville, China – Kraken
Miller, Andrew – The Year of Reading Dangerously (audio)
Miller, John Jackson – Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice
Miller, John Jackson – Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn
Miller, Karen – The Riven Kingdom
Miller, Kelsey – I’ll Be There For You
Mills, K.E. – The Accidental Sorceror
Mills, Kyle – Darkness Falls
Mills, Kyle – The Survivor
Mills, Kyle – Order to Kill
Mills, Kyle – Enemy of the State
Mills, Kyle – Lethal Agent
Mister Terrific (New 52) – Mind Games (Vol.1)
Mitchell, David – Back Story (audio)
Mitchell, David – Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse
Mitchell, David & Robert Webb – The Mitchell & Webb Sound, Season 5 (audio)
Mitchell, Sandy – The Emperor’s Finest
Mitchell, Sandy – Dead in the Water
Mitchell, Sandy – The Smallest Detail
Moon, Elizabeth – Speed of Dark
Morgan, Richard – The Steel Remains
Munroe, Randall – What If? (audio)
Murphy, Warren & Richard Sapir – Created: The Destroyer
Myers, E.C. – Fair Coin
Myers, Mike – Canada


Ness, Patrick – The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Neumeier, Rachel – Lord of the Changing Winds
Neuvel, Sylvain – Sleeping Giants
Neuvel, Sylvain – The Test
Newton, Mark Charan – The Nights of Villjamur
Newton, Mark Charan – City of Ruin
Newton, Mark Charan – The Book of Transformations
Newton, Mark Charan – The Broken Isles
Newton, Mark Charan – The Messenger
Niven, John – Straight White Male
Noah, Trevor – Born a Crime (audio)
North, Claire – The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
North, Claire – Touch
North, Claire – The Gameshouse Trilogy (Serpent, Thief, Master)
North, Claire – The Gameshouse (second look)
North, Claire – The Sudden Appearance of Hope
North, Claire – Sweet Harmony
Norton, Graham – The Life and Loves of a He Devil (audio)


Obst, Lynda – Sleepless in Hollywood
Offerman, Nick – Paddle Your Own Canoe (audio)
Okorafor, Nnedi – Lagoon
Okorafor, Nnedi – Remote Control
Oliva, Alexandra – The Last One
Olson, Melissa F. – Nightshades
O.M.A.C. (New 52) – Omactivate (Vol.1)
O’Neill, Andrew – A History of Heavy Metal


Palin, Michael – Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years (audio)
Palin, Michael – Diaries 1980-1988: Halfway to Hollywood (audio)
Palin, Michael – Diaries: 1988-1998: Travelling to Work (audio)
Parish, Stan – Love and Theft
Parker, K.J. – The Company
Parker, K.J. – The Devil You Know
Parker, K.J. – The Last Witness
Parker, K.J. – Downfall of the Gods
Parker, K.J. – My Beautiful Life
Parker, K.J. – Prosper’s Demon
Parker, K.J. – Academic Exercises
Patterson, James – Cross Country
Patterson, James – I, Alex Cross
Patterson, James – Cross Fire
Patterson, James – Kill Alex Cross
Patterson, James – Cross My Heart
Patterson, James – Hope To Die
Patterson, James & Bill Clinton – The President is Missing
Patterson, James & Andrew Gross – Lifeguard
Patterson, Richard North – The Race
Patterson, Richard North – The Spire
Pavesi, Alex – The Eighth Detective / Eight Detectives
Pavone, Chris – The Accident
Peeler, Nicole – Tempest Rising
Pegg, Simon – Nerd Do Well (audio)
Penny, Laurie – Everything Belongs to the Future
Percy, Benjamin – Red Moon
Percy, Benjamin – The Dead Lands
Percy, Benjamin – Thrill Me
Perrotta, Tom – The Abstinence Teacher
Petty, Kate Reed – True Story
Pick, Alison – Far To Go
Pinborough, Sarah – Poison
Pinborough, Sarah – The Language of Dying
Pinborough, Sarah – Mayhem
Pinborough, Sarah – The Death House
Pinborough, Sarah – 13 Minutes
Pinter, Jason – The Mark The Guilty
Pinter, Jason – The Stolen
Pinter, Jason – The Fury
Pinter, Jason – The Hunters
Pitoniak, Anna – The Futures
Platt, Stephen R. – Imperial Twilight
Pobi, Robert – City of Windows
Pobi, Robert – Under Pressure
Poehler, Amy – Yes Please (audio)
Polansky, Daniel – Straight Razor Cure Low Town
Polansky, Daniel – Tomorrow the Killing
Polansky, Daniel – She Who Waits
Polansky, Daniel – The Builders
Polansky, Daniel – A City Dreaming
Polansky, Daniel – The Seventh Perfection
Porter, Richard – And on That Bombshell (audio)
Pratchett, Terry – Nation
Pratchett, Terry – Unseen Academicals
Pratchett, Terry – Going Postal (TV)
Pratchett, Terry – Guards! Guards! (Reviewed by Ryan)
Pratchett, Terry – Seriously Funny: The Endlessly Quotable Terry Pratchett
Priest, Cherie – Boneshaker
Priest, Cherie – Clementine
Pryor, Mark – The Bookseller
Punisher, The (Rucka) – Vol. 0102


Quirk, Matthew – The 500
Quirk, Matthew – The Directive
Quirk, Matthew – The Night Agent


Rachman, Tom – The Bathtub Spy
Raftery, Brian – Best. Movie. Year. Ever.
Rajaniemi, Hannu – The Quantum Thief
Rat Queens – Sass & Sorcery (Vol.1), Far Reaching Tentacles of N’Rygoth (Vol.2)
Rather, Lina – Sisters of the Vast Black
Reaves, Michael – Coruscant Nights: Jedi Twilight
Reaves, Michael – Coruscant Nights: Street of Shadows
Red Hood: Lost Days
Red Lanterns (New 52) – Blood & Rage (Vol.1)
Reid, Taylor Jenkins – Daisy Jones & the Six
Reilly, Matthew – Six Sacred Stones
Reilly, Matthew – Five Greatest Warriors
Reilly, Matthew – The Great Zoo of China
Reiss, Alter S. – Sunset Mantle
Rekulak, Jason – The Impossible Fortress
Remic, Andy – A Song For No Man’s Land
Remini, Robert V. – The Life of Andrew Jackson
Resnick, Mike – The Buntline Special
Revoyr, Nina – A Student of History
Reynolds, Anthony – Chosen of Khorne (audio)
Reynolds, Anthony – Dark Heart
Reynolds, Anthony – The Purge
Reynolds, Josh – G&F: Charnel Congress
Reynolds, Josh – Master of Mourkain
Reynolds, Josh – G&F: Marriage of Moment
Reynolds, Josh – End Times: The Return of Nagash
Reynolds, Josh – End Times: The Lord of the End Times
Reynolds, Josh – Nagash: The Undying King
Reynolds, Josh – Fabius Bile: A Memory of Tharsis
Reynolds, Josh – Fabius Bile: Primogenitor
Reynolds, Josh – Fabius Bile: Clonelord
Reynolds, Josh – Fabius Bile: Manflayer
Reynolds, Josh – Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix
Rhodes, Natasha – Circus of Sins
Ricciardi, David – Warning Light
Rice, Anne – The Wolf Gift
Rice, Anne – Prince Lestat
Rice, Anne – Prince Lestat and the Realm of Atlantis
Rice, Anne – Blood Communion
Rio, M.L. – If We Were Villains
Robinson, Tony – No Cunning Plan (audio)
Rogak, Lisa – Angry Optimist
Rogan, Barbara – A Dangerous Fiction
Rollins, James – The Judas Strain
Rollins, James – The Last Oracle
Rollins, James – The Doomsday Key
Rollins, James – The Devil Colony
Ronson, Jon – So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed (audio)
Rosen, Jeffrey – William Howard Taft
Rosen, Lev A.C. – Depth
Rosenstiel, Tom – Shining City
Rosenstiel, Tom – The Good Lie
Rosenstiel, Tom – Oppo
Rosoff, Meg – Jonathan Unleashed
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name of the Wind
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Wise Man’s Fear
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Slow Regard of Silent Things
Rubens, Michael – The Sheriff of Yrnameer
Ruckley, Brian – The Edinburgh Dead
Russo, Richard – Nate in Venice
Russo, Richard – Trajectory
Russo, Richard – Chances Are…
Rutherfurd, Edward – New York


Sakey, Marcus – Afterlife
Salaperäinen, Olento – A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts
Salyards, Jeff – Scourge of the Betrayer
Sanders, Rob – Redemption Corps
Sanders, Rob – Atlas Infernal
Sanderson, Brandon – The Final Empire
Sanderson, Brandon – The Emperor’s Soul
Sanderson, Brandon – Steelheart
Sanderson, Brandon – Mitosis
Sandford, John – Phantom Prey
Sandford, John – Wicked Prey
Sandford, John – Storm Prey
Sandford, John – Buried Prey
Sandford, John – Stolen Prey
Sandford, John – Silken Prey
Sandford, John – Field of Prey
Sandford, John – Golden Prey
Sandford, John – Neon Prey
Sandford, John – Masked Prey
Sandford, John – Dark of the Moon
Saucer Country – Run (Vol.1)
Saulter, Stephanie – Gemsigns
Saunders, Jennifer – Bonkers
Savage Hawkman (New 52) – Darkness Rising (Vol.1)
Scalzi, John – Redshirts (“Artistic”) / Redshirts (“Proper”)
Scalzi, John – Lock In
Scanlon, Mitchell – Descent of Angels
Schumacher, Julie – Dear Committee Members
Schumacher, Julie – The Shakespeare Requirement
Schumer, Amy – The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo (audio)
Schwab, V.E. – Vicious
Scott, Cavan – Attack of the Necron
Sebold, Gaie – Babylon Steel
Secret Invasion (Marvel)
Sedgwick, Marcus – A Love Like Blood
Shackle, Mike – We Are the Dead
Shafer, David – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Sharma, Priya – Ormeshadow
Sixth Gun, The – Cold Dead Fingers (Vol.1), Crossroads (Vol.2), Bound (Vol.3), A Town Called Penance (Vol.4)
Sixx, Nikki – This is Gonna Hurt (audio)
Skovron, Jon – Hope & Red
Slash w. Anthony Bozza – Slash
Sloan, Elissa R. – The Unraveling of Cassidy Sloan
Sloan, Robin – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
Smillie, Andy – Beneath The Flesh
Smillie, Andy – Reparation
Smillie, Andy – Know Thyself
Smillie, Andy – A Son’s Burden
Smith, Matthew – Judge Dredd: Year One – City Fathers
Smith, Zadie – Intimations
Sneed, Christine – Little Known Facts
Snyder, Maria V. – Poison Study Magic Study
Spiegelman, Peter – Dr. Knox
Springsteen, Bruce – Born to Run
Sprunk, Jon – Shadow’s Son
Sprunk, Jon – Shadow’s Lure
St. Aubyn, Edward – Lost For Words
St. Martin, Ian – Angron: Slave of Nuceria
Star Wars: Legacy – Broken (Vol.1), Shards (Vol.2), Claws of the Dragon (Vol.3), Alliance (Vol.4), Hidden Temple (Vol.5)
Staveley, Brian – The Emperor’s Blades
Staveley, Brian – The Providence of Fire
Staveley, Brian – The Last Mortal Bond
Steinhauer, Olen – All the Old Knives
Sternbergh, Adam – Shovel Ready
Stevens, Taylor – The Innocent
Stewart, Mary – The Crystal Cave
Stormwatch (New 52) – The Dark Side (Vol.1)
Stover, Matthew – Luke Skywalkers & The Shadows of Mindor
Strahan, Jonathan & Lou Anders (eds.) – Swords & Dark Magic
Strauss, Ethan Sherwood – The Victory Machine
Stross, Charles – The Merchant Princes, 1-3
Sullivan, Michael J. – The Viscount and the Witch
Sullivan, Michael J. – Theft of Swords
Sullivan, Michael J. – Rise of Empire
Sullivan, Michael J. – Heir of Novron
Superboy (New 52) – Incubation (Vol.1)
Superman – BirthrightRed SonSecret Identity; Earth One (Vol.1); Earth One (Vol.2); Superman Unchained Deluxe
Superman/Wonder Woman – Power Couple (Vol.1)
Swallow, James – Nemesis
Swallow, James – Garro: Oath of Moment (audio)
Swallow, James – Garro: Legion of One (audio)
Swallow, James – Garro: Sword of Truth (audio)
Swallow, James – Fear to Tread
Swallow, James – Garro: Weapon of Fate
Swallow, James – The Buried Dagger
Swanson, Peter – Eight Perfect Murders/Rules for Perfect Murders
Swift, E.J. – Cataveiro
Swinson, David – The Second Girl
Swinson, David – Crime Song
Swinson, David – Trigger
Sykes, Sam – Tome of the Undergates
Sykes, Sam – Black Halo
Sykes, Sam – The City Stained Red
Szalay, David – Turbulence


Tartt, Donna – The Secret History
Taylor, Chris – How Star Wars Conquered the Universe
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Empire in Black & Gold
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – The Bloody Deluge
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Guns of the Dawn
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Spiderlight
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Ironclads
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Walking to Aldebaran
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Made Things
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Children of Ruin
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – Firewalkers
Teen Titans (New 52) – Blinded By the Light (Vol.1)
Thomason, Dustin – 12.21
Thompson, Marcus – Golden
Thompson, Tade – The Murders of Molly Southbourne
Thompson, Tade – The Survival of Molly Southbourne
Thorpe, Gav – Caledor
Thorpe, Gav – Dwarfs Omnibus
Thorpe, Gav – The Curse of Khaine
Thorpe, Gav – Deliverance Lost
Thorpe, Gav – Angels of Caliban
Thorpe, Gav – The First Wall (Siege of Terra)
Thorpe, Gav – Ravenwing
Thorpe, Gav – Azrael
Thorpe, Gav – Asurmen: The Darker Road (audio)
Tidhar, Lavie – The Violent Century
Tidhar, Lavie – By Force Alone
Travis, Karen – Revelation
Tregillis, Ian – Bitter Seeds
Tregillis, Ian – The Coldest War
Tregillis, Ian – Necessary Evil
Trussoni, Danielle – Angelology
Tucker, Neely – The Ways of the Dead
Tucker, Neely – Murder, D.C.
Turner, Marc – When the Heavens Fall
Twining, James – The Black Sun
Twining, James – The Black Sun (Turn Back 10)
Twining, James – The Gilded Seal
Twining, James – The Geneva Deception


Umminger, Alison – My Favourite Manson Girl
Unsworth, Simon K. – The Devil’s Detective


Various – Star Wars: New Jedi Order Series
Various – Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, Tempest, Exile
Various – Legacy of the Force: Inferno, Fury
Various – Death and Defiance (Horus Heresy)
Various – Blades of the Traitor (Horus Heresy)
Various – Champions of the Eternal War
Various – Echoes of Revelation (Horus Heresy, Audio)
Various – Sons of the Emperor (Horus Heresy)
Various – Scions of the Emperor (Horus Heresy)
Various – Gods & Mortals (Age of Sigmar)
Vo, Nghi – The Empress of Salt and Fortune
Voodoo (New 52) – What Lies Beneath (Vol.1), The Killer In Me (Vol.2)
Vowler, Tom – What Lies Within


Wagner, Erin K. – An Unnatural Life
Waid, Mark – Incorruptible, Vol. 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
Waid, Mark – IrredeemableDefinitive Collection (Vol.1-3), Vol. 04, 05, 06, 07, 08
Waid, Mark – Daredevil, Vol. 01, 02, 03
Walking Dead, The – Vols. 01-06
Wall, Mick – Foo Fighters: Learning to Fly
Wallace, Daniel – The World According to Spider-Man
Wallace, Daniel – The World According to Batman
Ware, Danie – The Bloodied Rose
Warhammer Horror – Maledictions
Wasserman, Robin – Girls on Fire
Weeks, Brent – Way of Shadows
Weeks, Brent – Way of Shadows (Turn Back 10)
Weeks, Brent – Shadow’s Edge Beyond the Shadows
Weeks, Brent – Perfect Shadow
Weeks, Brent – The Black Prism
Wells, Jaye – Fire Water
Wells, Martha – All Systems RedArtificial Condition and Rogue Protocol
Wells, Martha – Exit Strategy
Wendig, Chuck – Double Dead
Wendig, Chuck – Bad Blood
Werner, C.L. – Wulfrik
Werner, C.L. – Thanquol’s Doom
Werner, C.L. – Hour of Shadows
Werner, C.L. – The Red Duke
Westerfeld, Scott – The Secret Hour
Westerfeld, Scott – Behemoth
Westerfeld, Scott – Goliath
Wexler, Django – The Thousand Names
Wexler, Django – The Penitent Damned
Wilde, Fran – Updraft (Review by Ryan Frye)
Williams, Jen – The Copper Promise
Williams, Mazarkis – The Emperor’s Knife
Williams, Richard – Imperial Glory
Windrow, Martin – The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar
Winslow, Don – The Force
Winslow, Don – Broken
Wonder Woman (New 52) – Blood (Vol.1), Guts (Vol.2), War (Vol.4)
Wooding, Chris – Retribution Falls
Wooding, Chris – The Black Lung Captain
Woods, Stuart – The Run
Woods, Stuart – Capital Crimes
Woods, Stuart – Mounting Fears
World’s Finest (New 52) – Lost Daughters of Earth 2 (Vol.1)
Wraight, Chris – Sword of Justice
Wraight, Chris – Luthor Huss
Wraight, Chris – Battle of the Fang
Wraight, Chris – Dragonmage
Wraight, Chris – The Fall of Altdorf
Wraight, Chris – Scars Ep. I-IIIIV-IXX-XII
Wraight, Chris – Brotherhood of the Storm
Wraight, Chris – The Path of Heaven
Wraight, Chris – Vaults of Terra: Argent


Y The Last Man – Deluxe, Vol. 01
Yancey, Rick – The 5th Wave


Zahn, Timothy – Allegiance
Zahn, Timothy – Choices of One
Zahn, Timothy – Winner Lose All
Zito, V.M. – The Return Man
Zito, V.M. – Border Crossing
Zou, Henry – Emperor’s Mercy

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