Quick Review: FANGS by Sarah Andersen (Andrews McMeel)

AndersenS-FangsA delightful modern love story between a vampire and a werewolf

Vamp is three hundred years old but in all that time, she has never met her match. This all changes one night in a bar when she meets a charming werewolf. FANGS chronicles the humor, sweetness, and awkwardness of meeting someone perfectly suited to you but also vastly different.

This book doesn’t need a very long review. It is a brilliant, delightful story of a vampire and werewolf who fall in love. It’s a quick enjoyable read.

The story is told in a series of short vignettes, showing the two navigate their modern lives together, adjusting to accommodate each other’s weaknesses and… foibles. From awkward morning encounters (throwing the curtains open can be hazardous to some partners’ health), to ill-thought-out jewelry choices, and communication with other animals, Andersen’s story is just great. I enjoyed Jimmy, the werewolf’s mocking of regular dogs, while simultaneously managing his internal struggle against his natural inclination to chase squirrels.

“Vamp, have you ever been cheated on?”

“Mmm, yes.”

“What did you do?”

“… With his body?”

Packed with tender moments, plenty of amusing puns and jokes, I thoroughly enjoyed this. It made me smile, it made me laugh. If you’re familiar with Andersen’s Sarah Scribbles web comics, then you will have a good sense of the kind of humour you’ll encounter in Fangs (albeit, specifically related to vampires and werewolves).

Very highly recommended. I hope we see more of these characters in the future.


Fangs is due to be published by Andrews McMeel Publishing in North America (September) and in the UK (October).

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Review copy received via Edelweiss

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