UnderwoodMR-AuthorPic2Let’s start with an introduction: Who is Michael R. Underwood?

I’m a geek-turned-professional – sales & marketing manager by day (for Angry Robot) and author by night (or really, whenever I can scrape together some spare time), writing books from geeky Urban Fantasy (Geekomancy) to weird fantasy supers (Shield and Crocus) and more. I keep up with my geekdom by reading comics, gaming, and following as many cool TV shows as time permits.

Your next book, Genrenauts: The Absconded Ambassador, will be published by How would you introduce it and the Genrenauts series to a potential reader?

Genreauts is like Leverage-meets-Jasper Fforde – the titular Genrenauts are interdimensional travelers – each world they visit is the home of a narrative genre – Romance, Science Fiction, Western, and so on. They find and fix broken stories in order to protect their own world. If they fail, the dissonance ripples back to their home world and causes disasters. I’m writing the series in novellas – with six episodes per season a la TV. The Absconded Ambassador is the second episode in the series, so I’d suggest readers start with The Shootout Solution. Continue reading

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