Interview with ANDY McNAB

Let’s start with an introduction, just in case there are people who haven’t heard of you: Who is Andy McNab? 

I was in the army for 18 years. Eight years in the infantry and the remainder in the Special Air Service. The first book I wrote was about my experience during the first Gulf War, Bravo Two Zero. It became the biggest selling war book of all time. So that then kicked off a second career as a writer, then a script writer and film producer. The books are doing well – they have now sold just over 30 million copies worldwide.

McNabA-LS3-NewEnemyUKYour third Liam Scott novel, The New Enemy, will be published by Random House in the UK, in January. How would you introduce the series to a new reader, and what fans of the first two books expect?

Liam is a typical 16-year-old who joins the army as a Junior Soldier. As well as all the normal things 16-year-olds start to experience – drink, girls and mates – he goes through his infantry training and eventually to Afghanistan. There his experiences include not only the “bang bang” that you would expect from a story set in a war zone but also his own worries and fears around all this. Will he let himself down when he has to step up to the plate and do what he’s trained and paid to do? Or worse, will he let his mates down and look weak when he’s under fire? Continue reading