Upcoming: Sarah Pinborough’s FAIRY TALES Trilogy (Titan US)


I am a big fan of Sarah Pinborough‘s writing — especially the upcoming The Death House (Gollancz), The Language of Dying and Mayhem (Jo Fletcher Books). Already available in the UK, Pinborough’s Fairy Tales trilogy of updated, alternative interpretations of classic stories — PoisonCharm and Beauty — will be published in the US by Titan Books. The books will be published over three months, March-May 2015. Very few details available at the moment on Titan’s US website, but Poison is a retelling of the Snow White tale, Charm is a retelling of Cinderella, and Beauty a retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

I quite like the new US covers — quite different from the original UK hardback and paperback covers (published by Gollancz):


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