Upcoming: ETERNAL CHAMPION SEQUENCE by Michael Moorcock (Titan US)

I have never read anything by Michael Moorcock — I’m familiar with his name, of course (how can anyone with a vague interest in the genre not have at least heard of him?). I think one of the only things I know about him is that he seems to have been able to write and publish novels quicker than some people draw a single breath…


Anyway, while looking at Titan Books’ upcoming titles for the US, I spotted these three novelsThe Eternal ChampionPhoenix in Obsidian, and The Dragon in the Sword. The publisher’s website doesn’t have much more information beyond the covers and release dates (November 4th, December 2nd, and January 6th, respectively). Amazon, however, does have short synopses:

The Eternal Champion

John Daker dreams of other worlds, and a name: Erekosë. He finds the strength to answer the call, travelling to a strange land ruled by the aging King Rigenos of Necranal. Humanity is united in a desperate fight against the inhuman Eldren, and he must fight with them. But the actions of his brethren turns his loyalties, and as Erekosë he will take a terrible revenge.

Phoenix in Obsidian

Actually, Amazon doesn’t have a good synopsis for this one — although, what the site did have let me know that it was originally published in 1970, as The Silver Warriors (all three of the novels were originally published in 1970, and were then collected into a single omnibus).

The Dragon in the Sword

Trapped in a timeless existence, doomed to fight forever, John Daker is the Eternal Champion. Haunted by memories of too many battles waged during infinite lifetimes, he has taken Fate into his own hands. He searches for Ermizhad, and for the key that will free him from psychic captivity. On a dark ship piloted by a blind helmsman, the Eternal Champion must stand and fight the darkest battle in the history of the world.

Anyone read the novels? Or anything else by Moorcock? Would these be worth checking out?

3 thoughts on “Upcoming: ETERNAL CHAMPION SEQUENCE by Michael Moorcock (Titan US)

  1. Yes, yes, and goodness yes! Also, The Cornelius Quartet, Von Bek, and the Elric series. There are others that are worth reading as well. I started reading Moorcock this year and its brilliant stuff. I started with Elric of Melnibone and Other Stories. Also, the guy was in Hawkwind so that gets extra bonus points from me. (Michael not Elric, although that would be extremely cool.)

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  2. I bought The Eternal Champion back when it came out in November, and it blew my bloody mind. I picked it up mainly because it’s the book where he best explains his Eternal Champion concept (all the protagonists of all his books are reincarnations of one guy, the Eternal Champion). Its definitely worth reading. Moorcock kicked heroic fantasy in the teeth and left it balled into a foetal position in a dark corner of the room by the time he was over.

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