Interview with SETH DICKINSON

DickinsonSJ-AuthorPicLet’s start with an introduction: Who is Seth Dickinson?

Wow, right to the eternal questions! I’m a writer and a lapsed social scientist. I’ve worked on chocolate statistics, cancer biology, the science of rumor, and the social neuroscience of racial bias in police shootings.

I’ve written more than a dozen short stories, a lot of the fiction and lore for Bungie Studios’ smash hit Destiny, and an embarrassing amount of fanfiction about Lego bricks.

I grew up in the Vermont hills, where we had an icy six-stage sledding track worthy of legends. Two brave children would race down first in a big sled, and then everyone else pursued them in one-person sleds and tried to tear them from their mount.

I liked to draw targeting crosshairs on my goggles so I could pretend to be a cyborg.

Your debut novel, The Traitor, will be published in September by Tor Books. How would you introduce the novel to a new reader, and is it part of a planned series?

The Traitor is an epic geopolitical fantasy about a young woman’s mission to crush a colonial empire from the inside. Think Game of Thrones meets Guns, Germs, and Steel meets Code Name Verity. Continue reading