Latest FORCE AWAKENS Trailer (Tingles…)

Looks fantastic. Great to see a little bit more of the new characters (and Han Solo, of course). I’m cautiously optimistic — more so each time they release something new. Except for one possible snippet, though, where’s Luke Skywalker…? As with the poster released this week, he seems noticeably absent. Mark Hamill is in the behind-the-scenes video that aired at Comic-Con 2015 (and in the above-linked-to post), so we know he is in the movie.

I wonder if Force Awakens is about bringing the old band back together?



I’m very much looking forward to this movie. Very, very much, in fact. I wonder why Luke isn’t in the image, though. Also, does anyone else wonder if John Boyega’s character, “Finn”, is Leia and Lando’s child…? Here’s the trailer (again):

And the Comic-Con 2015 Reel — an all-too-short making of clip, featuring a few cameos from the stars and crew: