A Selection of Recent New Music Videos…


Just wanted to share a selection of new music videos from some of my favourite bands. As I was writing the post, I realized that many of them I saw most recently at the big rock/metal concert they hold in Toronto every two years or so.

Let’s start with two new videos from Disturbed‘s latest album, Evolution (out October 18th). It’s nice that the band has come back from their hiatus firing on all cylinders — I saw them live in 2016, and they were fantastic live. “Are You Ready?” is the first single from the album, and a pretty standard cut from the band, easily (immediately) identifiable as them, and nicely familiar:

“A Reason to Fight”, on the other hand, offers a very different song — this, I suppose, would take the place of the ballad on a classic album (it was a rule, it seems, to have at least one slower-tempo song). However, rather than a love song, this one is about substance abuse:

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I finally saw Five Finger Death Punch at this year’s big rock/metal gig in Toronto (they seem to have one every could of years). One of my favourite bands, I thought the show was a little uneven and maybe lacklustre — they weren’t headlining, so this may have put a crimp in their style, as I get the impression their stage show is usually massive. It was nice to finally see some of the songs played live, though. (Also, it was cute that they teased Jason Hook about being a hometown hero — he’s Canadian.) “When the Seasons Change” is the latest single from And Justice for None:

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Next up, the latest single from San Antonio’s greatest export (possibly): Nothing More. They are fast becoming one of my favourite bands, and their two latest albums have been on heavy rotation. Even Alyssa, who generously accompanies me to the summer shows despite limited interest in the bands, was impressed by these guys. Their latest single is “Just Saw When”, another excellent cut from The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Better Noise Records), and a slower-tempo song than their previous singles from the record:

Judging from their recent YouTube uploads, it looks like “Ripping Me Apart” will be the next single. If you haven’t checked out this band, yet, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Slash returns! Even though he recently reunited with Axl Rose in Guns ‘n’ Roses (along with the other former Gunners who were in Velvet Revolver), he still found time to release a new album with Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) and the Conspirators. One of the best guitarists and vocalists alive, collaborating again? Count me in. Here’s “Driving Rain”, taken from Living the Dream (Roadrunner Records):

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