Interview with ALIYA WHITELEY on 2084

Above you can watch an interview with Aliya Whiteley, one of the authors whose work will feature in the new anthology 2084. Published by Unsung Stories, the anthology has been funded through Kickstarter. It sounds like a really interesting collection, and I’m looking forward to reading it. At the time of writing, it has raised three times its original goal (stretch goals have been added).

Here’s the description of the project:

In 1948 George Orwell saw a world in flux. After the tumult of two World Wars he saw lessons being forgotten, the slow creep of authoritarianism and the potential for our future to be a dark and oppressive place.

Now, in 2017, we’re seeing the UK crashing out of the EU, with no idea of what comes next. President Trump is at loggerheads with the US government, his own party even, and trying to push through ever more controversial laws. Nigel Farage, inflated by a bizarre success, now wants to split California into two states. And all the while, the ice caps are melting and our climate is changing irrevocably.

There’s a reason they’re making the series of The Handmaid’s Tale today. We live in a world where Presidential staff think a lie is an ‘alternative fact’. Truth is becoming fluid, malleable, an annoyance more than an obligation for those in power.

Today we know how prophetic Orwell was, with the very language of his imagined future entering our present. With the seismic shocks, politically and culturally, still resonating after 2016, the time is right to look ahead again.

The anthology features all-new stories by the following authors:


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