Audio Review: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS by Neil Patrick Harris (Audible/Crown)

HarrisNP-NeilPatrickHarrisAutobiographyA very good autobiography

You’ve already made a great choice by picking up the audio edition of Neil Patrick Harris’ Choose Your Own Autobiography. This hilarious book has been adapted especially for the audiobook edition so you’ll hear all of the same fun and humor from the printed version but you don’t have to make any decisions or jump around – just kick back, relax, and listen. Plus, it features exclusive bonus audio of young Neil delivering an adorable speech! That’s audio you won’t hear in any version of this book other than the audiobook!

I only recently finished watching How I Met Your Mother, which I thoroughly enjoyed (save for the… disappointing ending). Naturally, I found Barney to be a stand-out element of the show (he and Marshall were my favourites). So, when I was able to get this for review from Audible, I was very much looking forward to diving right in. Unlike the book, which is a Choose Your Own Autobiography, for the audio edition NPH narrates in a far more linear style. He offers a few alternate options, which were amusing, but for the main he sticks to the story.

Aside from HIMYM, I was actually not particularly familiar with NPH’s work. His autobiography takes us from his very early fascination with theatre, musicals and magic, to his teen years as Doogie Houser (and the attendant, life-long calls of “Hey, Doogie!” wherever he goes…), onward to his not entirely smooth rise in Hollywood and Broadway, and finally to HIMYM. Throughout, NPH offers amusing and endearing portraits of the people he’s worked with, who helped him, and very fair appraisals of those who maybe didn’t help. He addresses his ‘outing’ and what it meant — for him and his family, and perhaps his career. He speaks warmly of his life with David and the twins, and also his friends.

Overall, this is one of the best-produced audiobooks I’ve listened to. NPH’s story is interesting and engaging pretty much throughout — there were just a few moments when he indulges his inner Barney and offers some bizarre tangents and alternatives. But, for the majority, I was amused, entertained and finished wanting to check out more of his work. If you’re a fan of the actor and his work, and especially HIMYM (he speaks very nicely of the cast and crew), then this is a must listen.

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