Upcoming: DESTINY OF THE DEAD by Kel Kade (Tor Books)

KadeK-SoP2-DestinyOfTheDeadUSIn March 2022, Tor Books are due to publish Destiny of the Dead: the second novel inĀ Kel Kade‘s Shroud of Prophecy series, and the sequel to the well-received Fate of the Fallen. I’ve fallen terribly behind on some of my reading, but Kade’s previous novel is rapidly ascending my TBR mountain, and I hope to get it read before the release of the sequel. Here’s the synopsis:

No more heroes.

The wealthy and powerful. The kings and queens. They all abandoned the world to fate when the chosen one died. All except a small group of broken people. Through dogged determination and maybe a bit of stupid bravery, Aaslo and his friends fought on. They continued the fight even when far greater heroes had given up.

Now, Aaslo must turn the tides. In a world swifly falling to chaos, Aaslo is determined to win this war… at any cost. He’s made a deal with the fickle fae, setting him and his friends on a collision course with the gods themselves.

Destiny of the Dead is due to be published by Tor Books in North America and in the UK, on March 22nd, 2022.

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