Excerpt: CHAOS UNLEASHED by Drew Karpyshyn (Del Rey)

KarpyshynD-C3-ChaosUnleashedUKToday, we have an excerpt from Chaos Unleashed, the third volume in Drew Karpyshyn’s Children of the Fire fantasy series. Here’s the synopsis:

The Legacy, a magical barrier protecting humanity from Chaos, has crumbled.

Four unlikely champions, each touched with Chaos magic at birth, are all that can stop the return of Daemron the Slayer. Armed with the Talismans of power the four champions, the Children of Fire, must find the Keystone, a fabled place where, or so it is said, the Legacy can be restored.

But even the noblest heart can be twisted by the tainted magic of Chaos…

Chaos Unleashed is published in the UK by Del Rey tomorrow. The first two volumes in the series — Children of Fire and The Scorched Earth — are also published by Del Rey UK, and available now.

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