A Month of Social Media Frustration

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 1.40.46 PM

So, this afternoon, I opened Twitter to find the message, above. It was, as I’m sure you can imagine, quite a surprise.

I have no idea why my account has been permanently suspended. There was no more detail in the app, but an email stated that it was for “Violating our rules against evading permanent suspension.” Given that, prior to that email arriving, I had never been suspended, warned, cautioned, or in any way run afoul of Twitter rules/guidelines… it is a mystery (I don’t recall ever even getting the “Are you sure you want to Tweet that?” pop-up.) I have appealed, of course, so maybe this will be resolved as some strange glitch.

If the issue can’t be resolved, I guess I’ll no longer be using Twitter. May switch to Instagram. Or, I may leave it with just the website. More news as it comes in, I suppose. In the meantime, however, my website is associated with a Twitter account that has received the same censure as really quite terrible people.

It’s especially frustrating that this is happening, because late in August, all of my Goodreads information was scrubbed. (They said there was nothing they could do, which I’m not entirely convinced about, given little bits of info are still there, if you look.) It has been a slow process getting some of the information back up there, but all 808 reviews have vanished, and I just don’t have the energy to redo it all.

In the short-term (possibly long-term), I will be posting more content on the website in lieu of updates on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “A Month of Social Media Frustration

  1. Ugh that sucks. WordPress froze my blog once because of a blog tour post (they said blog tours are forbidden, wtf) and they never unfroze it, so I had to most to self hosting. Good luck!


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