HaleyG-HH-FinalCompliance6314A great new Horus Heresy short story

As Horus grinds the Imperium beneath his boot, emissaries from the XVIth Legion return to worlds sworn to the Warmaster during the Great Crusade to have them renew their fealty. With the Sons of Horus already at battle readiness over Sixty-Three Fourteen, a grim decision must be made…

As is always the case with short stories, it’s tricky to review them at great length. In short, this is a great short story — it feels like an aside, of sorts, presented from the perspective of an Imperial governor and his aide, as they discuss how to deal with the Warmaster’s request for fealty. Well, “demand” would be a better word.

It’s an interesting story — not exactly essential reading, but I welcomed the different type of story, the alternative perspective, and also the tension at the end. The final paragraph was good, speaking volumes in just a few well-chosen words. If you’re a fan of the series, and want a quick fix to fill a half-hour or so, then this should suit very well.

2 thoughts on “Short Review: THE FINAL COMPLIANCE OF SIXTY-THREE FOURTEEN by Guy Haley (Black Library)

  1. […] This story was pretty cool. Not what I was expecting. More on the survivors after Isstvan V, it shows a small group of Salamanders getting their revenge on some Night Lords. Another quite-short story. I enjoyed it a lot. Haley hasn’t written a huge amount of Horus Heresy fiction, I don’t think (at least, I haven’t read much of his work). I like what he’s done so far, though. Maybe we’ll get something a little longer by him in the near future. I did enjoy his latest, The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen. […]


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