Upcoming: A CROWN FOR COLD SILVER by Alex Marshall (Orbit)

MarshallA-CrownForColdSilverI saw this novel mentioned on the Orbit Books website, but with scant information regarding the story. So, naturally, I did a little digging and went straight to the easily-accessible catalogue for Spring 2015.

Action-packed epic fantasy from a bold new voice in the genre – a retired warrior returns to battle to seek revenge for a terrible blow, old friends and old enemies will pay the price.

Cold Cobalt, the Banshee with a Blade, First Among Villains … Queen Zosia.

When there were no more titles to win and no more worlds to conquer, the warrior queen Zosia faked her demise and gave up her legend to history. But when violence finds its way to her door years later, she must round up her adventuring companions — each surprised to see her alive — and set out for revenge.

Time has not been kind to her old comrades, and some have only their own goals in mind. Not only that, but there’s a young, beautiful and skilled general out there, gathering soldiers to her banner for a war against the deadliest of enemies. The girl is using a legend she did not earn, and calling herself by a name that was never hers — that of Zosia herself.

Sounds pretty cool. Alex Marshall‘s A CROWN FOR COLD SILVER is due to be published in April 2015, by Orbit Books in the UK, North America and AUS/NZ.

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